Meet The Board

Esther Nemethy

Esther started playing ultimate in Vermont, after an injury derailed her track season. After playing in college, she played for Small Batch in Denver for a few seasons, then decided to take a break to ski and enjoy the mountains after moving to Utah. Moving to San Diego 7 months ago has reinvigorated her love of ultimate and she is excited to be a part of the ultimate community once more. 

Frankie Scully

Frankie Scully was born and raised in San Diego. They started playing ultimate in college and continued playing after they moved back to San Diego. Frankie got involved with Super Bloom through San Diego Equity in Ultimate and is stoked to help get Super Bloom off the ground.

Zoe Tessler

Zoe started playing ultimate with the "Hot Saucers" in upstate New York. Zoe moved to San Diego in 2016 after graduating and played on various mixed club teams in socal. She became a member of the equity group in San Diego to give back to the community and looks forward to encouraging new growth within the city through Super Bloom!

Corey Atkins (President)

Corey started playing frisbee in high school, and has been hooked ever since. She moved to San Diego in 2016 and has played for several club teams based out of SD, including Wildfire and California Burrito. She's the president of Super Bloom and is so excited to have the opportunity to support a professional women's ultimate team here in San Diego.

Lindsay Lang

Lang began her ultimate career in North Carolina, where she played on the Triangle's first ever Girls' YCC team. Fast forward many years of college, club, league, goalti, and cosutmed tournaments, she is thrilled to support San Diego's first ever womxn's pro ultimate team.

Rayna Wachs

Rayna started playing ultimate at the University of Vermont after learning that the frisbee team threw great parties. Since then, she’s fallen in love with the sport and has played on several womxn’s club teams. Rayna is stoked to be a part of the 2020 Super Bloom board, and she can’t wait to use this opportunity to build the San Diego ultimate community with equity in mind.

Abe Shklar (Treasurer)

Abe started playing pickup ultimate after graduating college and moving to San Diego in 2016. He was taken under the wings of many competitive ultimate players who helped him fall in love with the sport. He was a co-captain of California Burrito in 2018 and 2019, a practice player with the San Diego Growlers in 2019, and an avid goaltimate and beach player.

Ben "Choppa" Eto

Choppa started his Ultimate career (and received his nickname) in 2008 at UCSD, where he's coached the Men's B Team since graduating in 2011.

Choppa has had the privilege of playing/organizing Mixed and Men's Club, College, Pro, pickup, league, and beach Ultimate in San Diego for the last decade. Choppa is also the Vice President of DUDE, another non-profit org working with SuperBloom to grow Ultimate in San Diego.


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