Leadership, Decision Making, and Being Transparent.

To the San Diego Ultimate Community:

In the interests of being as transparent as possible about the formation and processes of Super Bloom, we wanted to write a brief description of our decision-making process as pertains to the current committee, board members, and other named positions within the organization.

Starting a non-profit presents a number of challenges, particularly in the formative years. Being that this is Super Bloom’s first year, we have found that the core group of those involved have, as a matter of necessity, been wearing multiple hats in order to get SB off the ground. By this we simply mean that positions or jobs that, in an older organization would most likely be separated, are being performed by the same person or multiple people.

We understand that this is not an ideal scenario and have been working hard to put into place a thoughtful system of organization-- one with position titles, channels of communication, and job descriptions that will allow us to be transparent and high-functioning as the organization moves beyond our first year.

Currently, we aim to have a board consisting of 5 people, with two player representatives which will serve to communicate the needs and opinions of the team to the board. The board members will have voting rights on issues and questions that decide the direction of the organization. What areas the board has final say on and what areas the coaching staff have final say on are being determined and codified as issues arise. While potentially not realistic in our first year, we will strive to have the 3 non-player members of the board be less directly involved with team logistics and organization, so as to provide some impartiality and separation. We made this decision with the idea in mind that the organization and the team will have different agendas, and that having one or more people trying to split their time between organization and team may cause conflict and/or burnout.

At this moment in time we are in the process of having people within our committee nominate themselves for the board, we will then pursue a voting process to determine the final makeup of the board going into our first season.

It is also worth mentioning, as a footnote, that the board will not be solely responsible for the running of Super Bloom-- our committee and community remain at the heart of Super Bloom’s functionality and will continue to fill many other roles within the organization moving forward.


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